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Alberta Equine ...On-Line was launched in 1995 by Pondside Web Productions. Alberta Equine ...On-Line quickly grew beyond its 'borders' with satisfied visitors from B.C., Saskatchewan, Ontario, the rest of Canada and beyond! Indeed, it served customers across the US and from as far away as France and the Czech Republic! Visitors have all appreciated the content and the personal service provided and have said, repeatedly, that Alberta Equine ..On-Line was a good destination for everyone and a great venue for Albertans. The development team at Pondside saw a need to give visitors more and set about creating a network of sites that would meet the needs of visitors and businesses alike. No matter which region you are from, you will have an equine Internet venue that speaks to your needs! On July 12, 2006, Pondside Web Productions launched the Canada Equine ...On-Line network of sites!

Visitors the world over can still view all the same information in that they enjoyed in Canadian visitors have their choice of regional entry point to see the information that is most meaningful to them.

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