Employee Testimonials

“Pondside Digital Media was an excellent company to work for! Starting my professional career in such a solid atmosphere was unforgettable and incomparable. They really let my strengths lead the way while also helping me gain a wide berth of new skills. I learned something new every day, if not every hour. Aside from the educational and professional aspect, Sylvia and Rob are great, honest, and reasonable people who really appreciate who you are and your passions. I would recommend working at Pondside Digital Media to anyone interested in enhancing and learning new skills in a warm and friendly environment.” - Madison

“Pondside Digital Media was the first web company I ever worked for. They offered a wonderful environment to develop existing skills and learn new ones. Sylvia and Rob are great people to work for and I couldn't thank them more for the amazing opportunity they gave me letting me work at Pondside.” - Brent

"I worked at Pondside Digital Media Inc. for close to two years but am relocated back east to be close to my family. While working with Sylvia (I find it hard to say ‘for’ Sylvia because she really does make you feel that you are a part of the company and she is your co-worker) I admired her perseverance in learning about computers and the internet through manuals, reading and studying them and starting a business where she could stay at home and take care of the family at the same time. Also, her love for her family and horses get her away from the business as she puts put her family first, whether her son has riding lessons or she is volunteering at a function in their community. Sylvia’s family are very supportive of her work and are, at times, a part of the team!"

"Not only did I learn many new things about the computer world, which is a language all on its own, but I also witnessed Sylvia’s patience with new students that have entered the ‘real’ world and how she cared about them, their families and their future goals and ventures. I guess you could say ‘the human side’ of things: quality, good ethics, patience and strength!"

"It was with regret that I had to leave my position, but I am confident the next employee will enjoy working at Pondside Digital Media Inc. and Sylvia’s team!" - Cathy

Positions Available

Pondside Digital Media Inc. is currently looking for an exceptional individual to fill one position; follow the link to learn more about the position: