Would you fit in with the team at Pondside?

Are you a creative individual that is looking for a future in the exciting field of New Media?

Are you usually 'ahead of the pack' with your thoughts about what can be achieved through technology?

Do you feel the the world needs more individuals that are honest, hard-working teamplayers excited about helping others achieve their very best?

Do you have an interest in:

  • Web site design and development?
  • programming for Web and Internet solutions?
  • audio and video creation or editing?
  • writing and research?

...and above all, establishing intelligent solutions to common problems?

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Positions Available

Pondside Digital Media Inc. currently has no employee openings available. Don't despair... We're always interested in working with exceptional individuals who are team players in the world of on-line media!

Send us an e-mail with your talent list and contact details - point us to your on-line portfolio or résumé - so we have a way of reaching out when the opportunity arises!

Employee Testimonials

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