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Award-Winning Group that Pondside is Proud to be a Part of

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

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Reason for reading: to learn about a business group we’re involved with that might also benefit you, whether you’re a business or individual.

I’ve been wanting to blog about a this wonderful group that Pondside is a part of and there is no better time to do that than now!

Before I do tell you about it, let me just say that I was asked to join BNI back when I first started my business in 1996. If I hadn’t been such a ‘noob’, if I’d had more business knowledge and business savvy, that might have been the key to ‘rocking my business to the top of the charts’! As it was, I was not a smart, business-savvy individual at the time and I declined the offer. Probably for the best as I likely would have been swamped with more business than I could have properly accommodated at that time and my business may well have failed!

Fast-forward to 2009, at which time I have many more business smarts, some employees to help with the business, and an understanding of what to do if (heaven help us) we get too much business! I decided to take up the offer of business acquaintance Greg Douglas and check out BNI again and so began my journey as a member of an award-winning group of business associates, the Park Power Connections in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada!

So, what’s BNI you ask. BNI stands for Business Network International. Their motto is ‘Givers Gain’. This is something I’ve always believed in too.

BNI, to me, is a group of serious, business-minded individuals that are committed to growing their business and helping one another grow their businesses too. It’s true that the cornerstone of BNI is based on giving referrals to one another but I get so much more from this group. I get the opportunity to practice going out and speaking in front of people, meeting new people, learning about their businesses, learning who they are; if I have a business problem, I know there’s a group of people I can call on for some help with ideas to resolve it. There’s a wealth of expertise in our group! I know that if I run into a personal situation where I need a business to help, if there isn’t a business in our group that does that sort of thing, chances are that somebody in our group knows somebody who knows somebody and that is the strength of BNI. BNI members’ relationships are built on trust; a trust that is gained through getting to know one another, getting to know about their business, getting to depend on their opinion of who would be a good referral for your needs. I know when I run into someone who needs one of our members’ services, I can feel confident passing along their name.

I don’t know if I just happened to fall into the best BNI group or, if together we have made it the best BNI group but at the first annual BNI Alberta North Awards Night the Park Power Connections were awarded BNI Chapter of the Year!

I extend the invitation to anyone in Edmonton and surrounding area to contact me if you’re interested in attending our chapter meeting to see what BNI is all about. I’d be happy to bring you as my guest. (Heck, contact me if you need a service! Chances are I know somebody who knows somebody who knows… well, the network extends a long way! :)

(Just in case you’re wondering whether it’s worth the drive, one of our members, David Swinburnson, has a 45 min. drive each way to get to our chapter meeting for 7:00 AM He thinks it’s worth it!)

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a great day and, for your own benefit, do take a few minutes to learn more about BNI here.

If you’re already in BNI, let us know which chapter and/or your feelings about BNI.

Sylvia Schneider
President, Pondside Digital Media