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Looking for Good Wireless Internet?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

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Reason for reading: To get a discount code for an Internet solution that might work for you!

I am constantly being asked about who we use for our Internet Service Provider (ISP) services so, after sending out many individual e-mails explaining the answer (and offering a discount code too!), I thought I should simply post the information here and save myself some time! :)

If you’re located outside the regular service areas of Telus and Shaw in Alberta, and you’ve been struggling unhappily with poor wireless or satellite Internet connections or (heaven forbid!) dial-up (in which case you have our heartfelt sympathy!) then you might want to check out this solution.

Pondside has operated as a business using dial-up in the form of 14.4, 28.8, and satellite (both one-way and two-way), then on slow ‘high-speed’ wireless, and finally on some really consistently great wireless!

Our experiences with other companies were such that, at first, the service and speed of upload and download were fantastic. However, as they began to over-subscribe to users, the speed died, problems arose and customer service waned.

Enter MCSNet into our lives! We’ve been with MCSNet for almost 2.5 years and have no complaints :)

So, if you’re looking for a new Internet Service Provider, get the discount code below and check out MCSNet.

First you’ll want to check their coverage map or call MCSNet and ask if they provide service in your area.

They offer packages for both residential and business. This is a good place to look for your wireless Internet package options.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, try going to the MCSNet homepage.

…and the part you’ve been waiting for… A discount code for their services:


(That first character is a zero.) You need to make sure you enter that code into forms or tell them about the discount code BEFORE they do the installation.

I hope this helps anyone with poor Internet service to get what they need! I’ve heard they apparently have other packages that aren’t announced on their pricing page so ask to make sure you get what you really want.

Happy surfing! :)

Sylvia Schneider
President, Pondside Digital Media

Do you have a vision?

Monday, November 8th, 2010

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Reason for reading: to learn how our company started and learn how important your vision is to us

One question I’m often asked, especially once people realise how long we’ve been in business (…and especially once they learn that my Web skills were self-taught) is, “How did you ever get started in this business?”

The story is interesting enough that my (at this time) twenty-something son stated that it’s such an interesting story that it should be on our site. (Okay, anyone with young adult children knows that they don’t ‘compliment’ openly, …it must be truly impressive, so here goes!)

In the early 1980s, my husband and I moved to a ‘remote’ area to raise our family; an area that: had shared phone lines (often referred to as ‘party lines’), was a long-distance call to anywhere (except your neighbours’ ) …am I beginning to sound prehistoric yet?… and, of course, there was no public Internet yet as most people didn’t even know it existed. I felt totally out of touch with the one thing I was very passionate about – horses.

I would call long-distance to the nearest tack shop in Edmonton and ask if anyone had posted any horse events on their bulletin board (cork-type, on the wall, not electronic!) Those days I often wished there was one phone number people could ring up and find out about everything happening with horses.  Of course there wasn’t, but I kept that thought in mind.

Fast-forward to 1995, my current job had disappeared and I needed to find another that would work well for my circumstances (i.e. far to travel, young kids to care for); everyone was yappin’ about the Internet.  All I knew about ‘the Internet’ was that it had something to do with computers and I didn’t care for computers at all!  Unfortunately, that word ‘Internet’ seemed to come up around our house over and over again.

During the summer of ’95 we went on vacation. Sister-in-law says …blah, blah, blah Internet… Internet!?  There was that word again and, this time, from someone outside our house. Hmmm…. ‘What the heck is the Internet?’ says I. Upon hearing what the Internet was I suddenly realized that this was my vision, my ‘one number to call’ for everything happening with horses!

Because of my passion for horses and things equine, I learned how to turn on a computer and, through reading and learning on-line, how to develop Web pages (…yes, it WAS a very steep learning curve!) ; I eventually started Alberta Equine …On-Line, an on-line ‘magazine’ which has grown to the Canada Equine …On-Line network of sites.  Shortly thereafter, I founded Pondside Web Productions and the Pondside story continues.

What does this mean to you and why should you care?  If you have a vision for something you’re passionate about, keep it in mind and, even if it isn’t the right time for it, eventually it may be!

You can see that we have the tenacity to get things done. I’m passionate about more than just horses! Along with my team I’m passionate about Web and Internet solutions and love learning about other businesses too! Did you know, if you share your vision with us, there may be a Web or Internet solution to help achieve it?

Here’s a quote by Charles M. Schwab I first heard through Twitter as passed along by Anthony Robbins:

“A person can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm.” – Charles M. Schwab

Give us a call! We’re enthusiastic and would love to help you succeed!

Sylvia Schneider
President, Pondside Digital Media